High-speed internet at home.

With Clarus Broadband, you can stream HD movies, download music, play online games, install software, work from home, and video conference at top speeds — all without waiting!

Enhancing your everyday.

Fiber optic internet offers speeds more than 100x faster than most Americans’ current connection.

  • Exceptional entertainment

    Enjoy HD video streaming, HD online gaming, and no-buffering web browsing.

  • Distance learning

    Access student portals, online college coursework, and advanced academic resources.

  • Telemedicine

    Experience information-sharing and consultation opportunities with specialists across the country and around the world.

  • Work from home

    Take advantage of instantaneous uploading, quick transfer of huge files, and seamless video conferencing.

  • World-class support

    Receive help with the setup of new services, connecting new devices, and troubleshooting existing devices.

  • Community improvement

    Experience stronger local housing markets, better-connected schools and libraries, and millions in savings to reinvest into the local economy.

Voices of experience.

“Korcett (sister company to Clarus) has also supported each community upon installation. Their organization is very responsive and helpful to our requests and very knowledgeable about the complex nature of managing student housing accounts”.

William H. C.

Executive VP, Hallmark Campus Communities
“The summer of 2015 we were wrapping up construction on one new building and full year renovation on two other buildings. We contracted with Korcett (sister company to Clarus) to pull wiring in one of these buildings. Without fail, they exceeded our expectations again.

Late this fall, November 2016, we will wrap up construction with yet another new building. I have confidence that Korcett (sister company to Clarus) will have this building operational on-time as they have in the past”.

Rob S.

Associate Director, UNC Charlotte

Ready to banish buffering?