What is broadband?

A form of internet access that uses high capacity transmission techniques using a wide range of frequencies.

What is the minimum/fastest speed of broadband?

The minimum download speed for broadband is 25 Mbps and upload speed of 3 Mbps.

What are the advantages of broadband in my home/community/business?

* Stream or Download HD Movies
* Online gaming in HD
* Work from home
* Stream all the music you want
* Have a video conference with family
* Download software
* Do all this at the same time
* Forget what it is like to wait…….
* Get work done faster and more effectively
* Increase economic potential
* Foster Business Development
* Provide new opportunities for innovation and expansion
* Create an e-commerce presence that grows your business
* Attracts new business
* Increases opportunities in health care and education

What types of broadband technology does Clarus offer?

Clarus Broadband offers FTTX.

Does Clarus customize products to meet business/community/residential needs?

Clarus Broadband will customize all products and services to meet the needs of the communities it services: Business, Residential, and MDU.

Does Clarus offer bundling packages?

Yes Clarus can bundle voice, video, and data when applicable. Call for a quote today!

How does wifi work?

Wifi is a technology used to access the internet using radio waves. For residential wifi, the frequencies used are 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz.

What is a cap?

A cap is a term used to identify when an internet service provider limits the amount of data you can access over a period of time. Clarus Broadband does not use caps!

How do I contact customer support after hours?

Call us at 855-655-6788.

Why is broadband important to your community?

* Broadband is an important tool for expanding educational and economic opportunities for residents in remote locations.
* Broadband allows you to take advantage of services not available or not convenient to use with a dial-up Internet connection.
* Broadband makes "telemedicine" possible: patients in rural areas can confer online with medical specialists in more urban areas and share information and test results very quickly.
* Broadband helps you efficiently access and use many reference and cultural resources via the Internet.
* Broadband allows residents to take advantage of many distance learning opportunities, like online college or university courses, and continuing or senior education programs.
* Broadband allows you to shop online more quickly and efficiently.
* Broadband makes home buying in certain areas more attractive.

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