Building stronger communities one connection at a time

Clarus offers "whole neighborhood broadband" that helps to increase property value, drive economic potential, and offers new opportunities for innovation and expansion.

Promoting your productivity.

The best technology available for delivering internet service, bar none.

  • Improved technology and ROI

    Lightning-fast broadband helps your community attract today's builders and buyers, saving time, money, and resources.

  • Communities built for the future

    Whole neighborhood broadband ensures your community is ready for the next generation of technology, such as 5G and Smart Home.

  • Telecommuting that works

    Video conferencing, along with the instantaneous upload, sending, and sharing of files means more interconnectivity and flexibility.

  • Proven dependability and safety

    Clarus has spent almost 15 years successfully serving 60,000+ broadband subscribers in about 200 student-housing installations nationwide

  • Solid-yet-adaptable support

    Clarus is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to your particular broadband needs; we’re available to help whenever you want us.

  • Community contribution

    Broadband internet bolsters local businesses, raises property values, and represents long-range social investments like well-equipped schools and libraries.

Products and Services

  • Video/Voice/Smart Solutions

    We offer a range of products from IPTV to OTT or, Over the Top Services, for streaming capabilities. Clarus also offers a voice package to interested residents that will require a small form factor device connected to their home network. Smart technology is the byproduct of continually evolving technology from solution partners, including energy efficient LED lighting, 4G/5G cellular transponders (typically including participation by major cellular carriers), IT Surveillance system with analytics, RFID scanners, gunshot detection and triangulation, digital signage and advertising systems, IoT and wireless access points.

  • In-house Broadband Company

    This model will define future Broadband delivery. Clarus will help you build and operate your own IBC, powered and backed by Clarus. You retain ownership and you are in control while Clarus designs, deploys and maintains the network. The Clarus model provides access starting at 1,000 Mbps (or 1 Gbps) of synchronous bandwidth to each home using an all fiber delivery system (FTTX). We design our networks to meet the expected needs of residents five years from now and provides packages that exceed current capacity demanded by today’s devices.

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber security is a business continuity concern that aligns with business and technical processes to ensure a secure outcome for your daily function. Cyber security is quickly becoming a required service to combat malicious and criminal behavior that exists in our market. Liabilities that manifest as a result of these acts can jeopardize a company’s reputation and cause financial complications as well. Clarus Cyber will assess, secure, and monitor your business environment to ensure continuity of business, which keeps your business safe and secure.

  • Professional Services

    Clarus provides design and consultant services that range from network conception and design to IOT technology compatibility, testing and deployment. We offer an array of services geared towards customer functionality and longevity of your products. Clarus professional services can help you compose a strategy that supports your business needs. We can recommend and implement the technologies and services that will give you the edge you need in the market to be successful.

Success stories.

Some of our own success stories are coming soon, but meanwhile, read on for some nevertheless-fascinating studies on municipal broadband!

Broadband Commission

This joint body of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization [UNESCO] and the International Telecommunication Union [ITU] says, according to their studies, every 10% increase in broadband penetration
produces 1.3% additional growth in the National Gross Domestic Product [GDP]. Bad for buffering, excellent for the economy!

White House Report

A 2015 White House Report showed the positive relationship between municipal broadband networks and economic development. According to the report, such networks create jobs by ensuring businesses have fast,
affordable, reliable internet access. Additionally, municipal broadband networks have been shown to:

  • Job Creation
  • Business Attraction
  • Business Support
  • Telecommuting
  • Research
  • Tech and Entrepreneurship
  • Savings
  • Property Values
  • General Resources

Let’s get down to business