Why You Should Invest in Fiber Optic Internet for Your Rental Properties

If you’re a landlord, implementing fiber optic connectivity is a great way to increase the value of your property and attract and retain tenants. In today’s post, our internet connection experts at Clarus Broadband explore the future of fiber optics and rental properties and the reasons why you should you invest in fiber optic internet for yours.

Internet Is Essential

In a landmark ruling in 2016, a federal court declared that high-speed internet service can now be widely treated as a utility, not a luxury. 95% of Americans use the internet every day in their personal and professional lives, so it is not surprising that the United States legislative branch considers internet access as essential to modern life as phone access and power.

If you are a landlord, you already provide your tenants with shelter, water, and power. Your tenants are already using the internet. If you offer internet service as one of your bundled utility options, your tenants will utilize it. Whether it’s for casual social media and web browsing, online gaming, or email and work, almost everyone gets online each and every day.

Attract and Retain Tenants

There are a thousand tiny factors that people take into account when hunting for places to live. Is there a yard? How many stairs will I be climbing to haul groceries? Can I do laundry in the unit or will I have to go to a laundromat? Can I grill outside in nice weather?

Although each potential tenant’s priorities will look a little different, you can be sure that they all have one thing in common: they’ll want to use the internet at home. If you don’t offer that internet, they’ll find an independent internet provider themselves, which can be a major hassle. Why not offer your tenants an amazing value-added amenity and give them immediate access to high-speed internet? If you check off one more box on their list, remove one more decision in the moving process, and make it easy and convenient to get online as soon as they’re moved in, a prospective tenant will be much more likely to choose your rental unit over another.

In spite of the widespread propagation of the internet, it’s still rare for apartment complexes and other rental housing units to offer internet access to tenants upon move-in, so set yourself apart and get high-speed fiber optics installed in your complex today!

Fiber Optics Are the Future

You know internet is important, but at this point you are probably wondering: why fiber optics? There are many types of internet connections available, including satellite, wireless broadband, and more, but at Clarus Broadband, we know that the future is all about fiber optics.

What Are Fiber Optics?

In short, fiber optics describe a data transfer system that uses light to transmit information along a series of cables. Although this technology is one of the fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective systems for internet connectivity, it requires the installation of fiber optic cables. Getting this infrastructure in place requires more effort and investment up-front. However, it pays off massively, and more and more people worldwide are adopting fiber as their internet connection of choice. San Francisco has launched a citywide urban fiber initiative, Google pursued a mass urban trenching project, and tech companies across the globe are working to improve fiber optic connectivity, even endeavoring to build an 8,000 mile Pacific Light Cable connecting Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

Fiber Optics Are Fast

In fiber optic cables, information is carried via light. The speed of light is the literal speed limit of the physical universe — nothing can go faster. The aforementioned Pacific Light Cable will stretch 8,000 miles across the ocean and is forecasted to transmit up to 144 terabits (several hundred Blu-ray discs’ worth of content) from Hong Kong to Los Angeles in one second.

Fiber optic internet is the fastest internet technology available today, and if you make the choice to invest in fiber optics infrastructure in your property today, you and your tenants will enjoy the fastest possible streaming and download times for years to come!

Fiber Optics Are Reliable

Compared to other types of internet connections, fiber-based internet has a much lower failure rate. This is because it is not subject to the same influences as other types of connections, such as poor weather conditions, electromagnetic interference, and other disturbances resulting in data interference. With fiber, you can expect a steady connection every time!

Fiber Optics Are Secure

It is virtually impossible to intercept information that is being transmitted via light. This makes fiber optic internet one of the best-protected connection options on the market.

Fiber Optics Offer Symmetric Speeds

“Symmetric speed” is the term for equal upload and download times over an internet connection. This is not commonly available today, but it is increasingly important. Modern internet users are more likely than ever to simultaneously upload videos or files while also streaming and downloading content. Symmetric speed makes this kind multitasking possible without lengthy buffer times or bandwidth overload.

Fiber Optics Are Valuable

According to a recent study by Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas, on average, access to fiber optics adds 3.1% to the value of a home. For a median-priced home, that equates to $5,437, or just under half the value of adding a bathroom. When you invest in fiber, you’ll be raising the quality of life for your tenants and the value of your property alike.

Clarus Broadband Makes It Easy to Manage Fiber Optic Internet

If you are ready to implement fiber optic internet for your property, but are concerned about how you will manage it or find an internet service provider (ISP), Clarus Broadband is here to help. We are dedicated to serving small communities by using high-speed internet connectivity to foster social and economic growth, and our innovative internet model gives you more freedom and control than the traditional ISP model.

We will help you build and operate your own in-house broadband company (IBC), powered and supported by Clarus. We’ll design, deploy, and maintain the network, taking care to meet the expected needs of your residents up to five years from now by providing internet packages that exceed the current capacity demanded by modern devices to leave room for growth. Access begins at 1,000 Mbps (or 1 Gbps) of synchronous bandwidth to every unit using an all-fiber delivery system (FTTX). You’ll retain ownership and control of the network while we take care of the technical stuff.

Curious to know more? Ready to get started? If you’re in Texas, contact Clarus Broadband today! We’re ready to build a more connected future with you.