Interview with David Daugherty, Chairman of the Board for Clarus Broadband

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In today’s post, we caught up with Dave Daugherty, Chairman of the Board for Clarus Broadband, to gain insight into his thought processes on a personal and business level.

What are you most proud of?

I’m not sure that “pride” is the right handle, but it’s close. After 65 years of living and some 40-odd years of career, I believe in servant leadership. This is a personal philosophy born through years of experience and observing people. The most immediately rewarding thing we can do as human beings is to help others. I’m proud of the fact that Clarus Broadband is in the business of connecting the world to under-served, geographically remote communities, because this is a critically important service. High-speed internet is a significant conduit for the flow of information, goods, and services to and from the communities we serve. Clarus provides a ready source of illumination in a world increasingly challenged by darkness and misinformation. I am very proud of Clarus, our mission, and the company of people assembled to help make the world a brighter and more welcoming place for our subscribers.

Who are your role models/mentors? Why?

I tend to follow servant leaders like Jack Welch and Charles R. Swindoll. They teach through example and have left a powerful legacy of achievement and contribution. They have set indelible examples of success for the rest of us to follow.

What is your favorite book(s) that you have read this year?

For anyone with a good imagination, reading is a means of cleansing the intellectual palate. I find that reading improves my perspective and clarity of thought. My reading list includes fiction and non-fiction writers and helps enhance my understanding and appreciation of my values, critical thinking, and sound judgment. My favorite authors include Jack Welch, David Eddings, Robert Heinlein and Clive Cussler.

What do you do to keep employees engaged and motivated?

For the past several years, the board has been immersed in providing sufficient runway to pivot and “relaunch” the business. Throughout this, my contribution has been trying to provide senior management with sufficient resources and financial stability to do their jobs.

What are your goals for 2019?

Clarus has evolved into a business with three distinct “lines of business.” These are:

  1. the traditional managed services business working through other internet service providers
  2. the micropolitan managed services business working through our partners
  3. the fiber optics asset management business

In broad terms, my goals for 2019 are to make sure senior management has the financial and board level resources required for success in all three lines of business.

What are your goals for the next 3 years?

My goals for the next three years are more mission-related. Deployment of fiber optic internet assets in under-served communities gives rise to some interesting new forms of social and economic development. These include the rapidly evolving area of K-20 education, enhanced public and private security (physical and cyber), community development, and personal health.

One of the casualties of the rapid immersion of children in all things internet, for example, has been the loss of social skills. One of the longer-term challenges for service companies like Clarus is understanding how to craft future learning environments that emphasize the development of social skills. The internet offers a unique opportunity to bring education back into the community and provide access to a much wider range of resources and expertise, intimately tied to the successful education of community youth.

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