Interview with Anthony Edw. J Campbell, President and CEO of Clarus Broadband

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Spent some time with Anthony Edw. J Campbell, President and CEO of Clarus Broadband to gain insight into the direction of the company and personal interests.

What are you most proud of?

I have a passion for knowledge, partly instilled by the immigrant values of my grandparents: I obtained three degrees in different disciplines during my university years, and have continued to blend and update those disciplines and learn others throughout my career. The internet has accelerated access to information, and Clarus aims to ensure people outside metropolitan areas have high-speed connections. I’m proud to ensure others, even if they are located in rural areas, have the opportunity to access a world of information.

Who are your role models/mentors? Why?

(1) Buckminster Fuller for both charting a critical path and the dymaxion principle.
(2) We live in a time where we are quick to judge leaders of the past by the societal flaws of their era, but there is still much to be learned from those that succeeded in different disciplines and in different phases of life: Winston Churchill had many admirable qualities.
(3) My father always set a good example for me.

What is your favorite book(s) that you have read this year?

I am a major fan of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and highly recommend his incerto; Skin in the Game was my favorite read of 2018. Ray Dalio’s Principles was also influential. While there have not been recent installments of the Freakonomics series or new works by Malcolm Gladwell, I follow their podcasts, and I’ve also been intrigued by the work of Adrian Bejan.

What do you do to keep employees engaged and motivated?

I am dedicated to ensuring everyone has a vision and tools for both personal and corporate mission success, while being a servant leader dedicated to charting a strategic path, owning the tough decisions and alleviating corporate stresses. I approach my role with honesty, humility and integrity, and remain accessible and open to feedback and different perspectives.

What are your goals for 2019?

We are focused on network asset management, and have identified variations for three markets. I want to ensure we are successful in each of those markets.

What are your goals for the next 3 years?

Our general mission is to speed access to the internet in underserved communities. To be successful, our short-term deployment plan is focused on three paths that meet our feasibility criteria. After those markets are established, we have the opportunity to branch each of those networks to additional underserved communities. Serving those secondary markets is a three-year goal.

I am an avid cyclist that has ridden century rides (100+ mile day rides) in forty states. I plan to ride the remainder of the contiguous States over the next few years.