Why Rural High-Speed Internet Is a Struggle

Finding high-speed internet in rural areas is a headache for many. While there are a variety of options available, from dial-up to satellite, there are a lot of drawbacks, including slow speeds, high prices, and unreliable service. You may be asking yourself, why is good internet so hard to find in rural places? In today’s blog, we break down a few of the top reasons why high-speed internet is so rare.

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Material Limitations

As we discussed in a previous blog, many of the most dependable internet service options available in rural areas depend on wired connections. This means that longer wires are required to reach homes and businesses outside of the city where the internet service provider (ISP) is based, and signal-boosting equipment may be necessary. There are fewer customers to help a company recoup the costs, so they often limit how far they build these extended wire connections. If a neighbor down the road has cable broadband, but you don’t, you may be simply out of range of that ISP.

Low Competition

When there are so few ISPs serving a rural community, competition between them is low, which is a major reason why speeds and costs are slow to improve. Urban residents often have at least three internet service providers to choose from, which encourages each company to offer faster internet plans at better prices. Rural ISPs don’t have the same incentive to cater to the needs of their customers.

Cost Justification

Another big reason why high-speed internet is so hard to find in rural areas is simply because it is an expensive endeavor for internet service companies. Laying cables for fiber optic internet, for instance, can cost about $10,000 per mile. Urban areas are more cost-effective investments for ISPs because the high number of potential customers, and therefore the high level of demand, can justify the initial cost, while building connections for less populated rural areas can be a gamble.

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