Where to Find WiFi

Whether you’re in a rural area with limited options when it comes to internet service providers, or you simply want to save on your phone data plan, knowing where to find WiFi can be an important trick. You need to save money and get things done, and sometimes the best internet connection is anywhere but home. Clarus Broadband is here to change that.

The Clarus Broadband team is dedicated to bringing fast, affordable internet to communities across rural America. We need interested communities committed to solutions like fiber optics, however, so while you work to make your town our next installation, here are a few suggestions on where you can find affordable WiFi to use.

Public Libraries

The best place to find free WiFi, no strings attached? Your local public library. It may be a drive if you live in a particularly isolated rural community, but it can be worth it if you have a lot you need to do on the web. At a library, you can enjoy an internet connection without a time limit or the pressure to buy something. There are plenty of comfortable chairs and desks to choose from, which makes it a great place to study, stream your favorite movies, or take care of whatever else you need if you have poor or nonexistent WiFi at home. The only barrier to your free connection may be a library card, but if you’re a resident who hasn’t registered for a card before, you can probably sign up without cost.

Coffee Shops

The first place most people likely think of when they think of places to find free WiFi is a coffee shop. If your county or community library is a little further than you’re willing to go, then there is likely a coffee shop closer to home, and many of them offer free WiFi. You may be expected to buy something if you plan to spend an hour or more on their internet connection, but who can resist the smell of coffee and pastries for that long, anyway?


Fast food joints and sit-down restaurants alike often have WiFi available for customers. Depending on the venue, you may be able to find the password on a table display or nearby chalkboard, or you may have to ask the waiter for instructions on how to connect. You will likely have to order something if you want to use the WiFi, but depending on the restaurant, a simple drink or appetizer may also give you a chance to enjoy cable TV, so you can enjoy several amenities at once.

Tips for Using Public WiFi

One thing to keep in mind while using these free or affordable options is that unsecured public WiFi networks can put you and your personal data at risk. There are a few steps you should take to stay safe when surfing the web on an open connection, like looking for sites with encryption — their web address will start with “https” instead of “http” and the information you share on these sites should be more protected. Another preventive step you can take is not sharing sensitive information at all. Avoid online shopping or checking your bank account while on an open network, and wait to input your credit card information or sensitive logins when you’re on a closed, trusted network.

Invest in Better Internet with Clarus Broadband

There are options out there for those looking for open internet connections. Why travel to a local coffee shop or library, though, when you could have a fast and affordable WiFi connection at home? Finding the right internet service provider can be hard in rural communities where the options are limited – or nonexistent – but Clarus Broadband is here to offer an alternative. We want to bring fiber optic internet to rural Texas and beyond. Lightning-fast speeds and long-distance capabilities can bring life and opportunity to every community, making it easier for residents to connect, get an education, work from home, start a business, and much more.

Grow the potential of your hometown and contact Clarus Broadband today! In order to construct new fiber optic lines, we need to know that people in your community are interested and committed to better internet plans. Once we have the numbers to justify a new network, we can get to work! So take the first step toward better broadband today, and fill out our online form with any comments or questions you have.