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    Fiber-optic broadband is the best technology available today to deliver internet service.

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    Fiber-optic broadband is 100x faster than most Americans’ current internet service.

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    From online gaming to video conferencing, broadband delivers — simply and speedily.

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    Broadband helps our country and our communities stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Voices of experience.

“Korcett (sister company to Clarus) has also supported each community upon installation. Their organization is very responsive and helpful to our requests and very knowledgeable about the complex nature of managing student housing accounts”.

William H. C.

Executive VP, Hallmark Campus Communities
“The summer of 2015 we were wrapping up construction on one new building and full year renovation on two other buildings. We contracted with Korcett (sister company to Clarus) to pull wiring in one of these buildings. Without fail, they exceeded our expectations again.

Late this fall, November 2016, we will wrap up construction with yet another new building. I have confidence that Korcett (sister company to Clarus) will have this building operational on-time as they have in the past”.

Rob S.

Associate Director, UNC Charlotte
“Great support team. Deno is the one that helped me out. I had been on the phone for hours with several other people from different departments and different locations and every time I asked for help I was transferred to someone else who said basically the same thing and after it all came down to it, the issue wasn't resolved. Then I called the support line for Korcett (sister company of Clarus) instead of for Suddenlink (my internet provider) and everything changed. He was very nice, helpful, and resolved the issue...

Kaymi F.

Lubbock, TX
“On behalf of the Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank you for your past sponsorship of the Rabbit Fest. Only through your support can we continue to fund important community initiatives and lead the way for our local businesses. We appreciate your investment in the Chamber and look forward to your membership”.


Chairman, Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce
“Helped me with my problem in a quick and effective manner”.

Reid M.

Austin, TX

Leading with passion.

Clarus Broadband’s leadership team represents a broad spectrum of experience and expertise, including backgrounds in cyber security, networks, outside plants, and technology.

  • David Daugherty

    Chairman & Founder

  • Anthony Edw. J Campbell

    Co-Chair & Founder

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